Thursday, December 6, 2012

I have decided to take a semester off of school starting in January to focus more on doing free lance work. (Which I LOVE) I have also decided to do a free printable every month. Who doesn't love printables!?

In honor of my little brother and his cute girlfriend getting their calls recently, and my best friend getting her call this week, I have made free missionary printables for each gender! (Package includes: 2 Prints and three sheets of cupcake toppers) You can print as many pages of the cupcake toppers as you want I think I did two of each, and it was perfect. As long as you give me credit for designing them, you can print as many as your heart desires! This also makes a good gift for moms of missionaries. I gave the "called to serve" one and the "as for me and my house" one to my mom and she balled her eyes out. But we are an emotional family, so maybe it's just us. I'm rambling now, so here you go. . .

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  1. Alex- Congrats on all the new that comes with your 2013! Love and miss you.